Our Approach

System level change is only possible with:

  • a clear vision and plan;
  • meaningful dedicated financial and human resources over the long term;
  • coordination locally across systems and silos; and
  • connection to best practices nationally and globally.

Our Work

We invest in five key areas to help our public school systems accelerate innovation and improvement in pursuit of equitable access to a quality public education.

Parent and student voice is critical to create quality schools. However, many families are left out of the conversation, or face barriers to access vital information to make decisions about their children’s education.

This results in policies and solutions that fall short of supporting student success.

We invest in organizations and tools to ensure parents and students can more easily navigate our public education systems and their voices are being heard everywhere decisions are being made.

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Bridge 2 Hope

The fastest improving school districts in America enable families access to a diverse range of quality public school options recognizing that no one school model can meet the needs of all children. Our investments in schools are grounded in the lessons from those districts and the nation’s highest performing and most innovative schools.

Expanding successful schools: We work with the board, leadership, and teams of the most effective and innovative pre-K – 12 schools in the region to develop strategic plans focused on increasing their impact.

Developing new schools: We support experienced educators to co-design new and innovative school models with the community. These new schools are designed to meet the 21st century needs of students and families.

Transforming existing schools: We work with existing schools with sound governance and leadership, to provide support with strategic planning, access to world-class curriculum and training, and leadership development.

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Educators are essential to high-quality learning environments. Retaining and recruiting strong teacher talent is a number one priority for today’s school leaders.

We are investing in strategies and programs focused on increasing the number and diversity of teachers and school leaders committed to working in our community.

To ensure we can retain those teachers, we work with some of the countries best-in-class capacity builders to provide training and professional development so teachers and leaders are prepared and supported in their craft.

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St. Louis Teacher Residency
Instructional Leadership Fellowship
Catalyst Fellowship

Data informed decision-making is at the core of continuous improvement within our school systems. School leaders, policy makers, and parents need transparent data.

We support school systems and agencies to collect more meaningful data for strategic improvement. We also sponsor research to answer questions about student academic performance, social-emotional health, staff sense of belonging, teacher support, and more.

Tap below to access our MADE tool for transparent state and local school performance data, and our analysis.

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MADE Data Tool


Effective state and local policies paired with accountability are necessary to ensure every school system can deliver a high-quality learning environment for students.

We support policy makers in aligning research-informed legislation with community and school system needs. These sound policies ensure public schools can operate effectively and are held accountable to meeting the needs of students and families in each community.

Tap below to learn what students say they need from schools.

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Preparing our students to be a vital part of the 21st century workforce and to lead in a democracy requires bold change.

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We believe transforming unjust systems requires continuous personal and professional growth.
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