Instructional Leadership Fellowship

The Instructional Leadership Fellowship (ILF) works with promising school leaders to improve instructional practices that ensure equitable academic outcomes.

By engaging small and diverse teams of educators, ILF  improves the skill and capacity of instructional leadership, ultimately improving student learning and outcomes.


What to Expect

  • Top-notch professional development towards instructional excellence
  • Content and skill-building practice for the application of critical instructional concepts
  • Cohort experience with educators from across St. Louis
  • Stipend for fellows
  • Monthly in-person and independent effort expected

My coach helps me improve my teachers’ instructional practices so that the effects can trickle down to our scholars and help them to move academically

Korey Lowery, Instructional Leadership Fellow

Fellowship Dates

April 1, 2024
ILF Cohort 3: Applications Open
April 13, 2024
ILF Cohort 1: Professional Development
April 16, 2024
ILF Cohort 1: Professional Development
May 14, 2024
ILF Cohort 1: Learning Walk
June 3, 2024
ILF Cohort 1: Impact Project Presentations
June 4, 2024
ILF Cohort 1: Graduation
June 6, 2024
ILF Cohort 2: Instructional Vision Presentations
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