Building a better future for St. Louis.

Ensuring everyone who calls St. Louis home is
prepared to thrive

The world’s economy and job markets are changing, and St. Louis is not keeping up. Our education system is becoming increasingly disconnected from our communities and children. Existing approaches to solving regional problems are not yielding the results we need.

It’s time to chart a new path forward.

At The Opportunity Trust, we start by developing a deep understanding of the barriers to a thriving St. Louis, building on research and the lived experiences of people across the region. We then establish comprehensive plans to reduce and eliminate these barriers.

We put these plans into action by bringing new resources, insights, and support to individuals and organizations that are already effecting change, launching new initiatives when needed, and fostering collaboration across the region toward shared goals.

Our first fund:
Reimagining School

Just 10% of children in St. Louis currently attend a school that is preparing them to thrive in the 21st century. Our children deserve schools that will set them up for success and our community needs a workforce for our changing economy.

The goal of our first fund, Reimagining School, is to create a fourfold increase in the number of future-ready schools in St. Louis. We will use the fund, our expertise, and our energy to empower educators and parents already dedicated to change, and to start new innovations grounded in the specific needs of our region.

Together, we will build one of the most innovative public education systems in America right here in St. Louis.

We are looking for leaders to join us in building the future.
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For St. Louis.
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The Opportunity Trust is the result of nearly a year studying what is working in our nation’s most dynamic regions and by engaging with parents and teachers, as well as leaders in schools, communities, and businesses on how we can help to accelerate the pace of change in St. Louis.

We envision a St. Louis where every single person is able to find success in a rapidly changing world and a region that draws people from all backgrounds because of its renewed sense of possibility, growing economic opportunity, and safe, just, and joyful communities.

The Opportunity Trust is led by St. Louis natives Eric Scroggins and Marcus Robinson.

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