The world’s economy and job markets are changing, and St. Louis is not keeping up. Many of our schools are struggling to prepare children with the basic skills required. Existing approaches to solving regional problems are not yielding the results we need.

It’s time to chart a new path forward.

At The Opportunity Trust we are working to ensure that every child in St. Louis is prepared to lead a life of choice and dignity.


Measuring educational opportunity in every community in America

The Educational Opportunity Project (EOP) at Stanford University recently released new data in version 4.0 of their Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA), a comprehensive national database of 10 years of academic performance data from 2008-2009 to 2017-2018 school years.

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One year of universal high-quality pre-K could practically eliminate the Black-White reading skills gap at kindergarten entry.

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Broadening Coalitions: Meet Tanesia Simmons

Tanesia Simmons joined The Opportunity Trust as partner working to empower and support the most marginalized families and students, and to design and drive change as part of a broad coalition....

Did you know?

In St. Louis, majority White school districts receive an average of $1,698 more in funding per student than majority Black school districts.

Reimagining Education

Still Separate, Still Unequal

Explore Forward Through Ferguson's released a new community accountability and advocacy tool that examines these inequities and serves as a call to level the education playing field in St. Louis.

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The Opportunity Trust invests in educators and school systems eager to build the capacity required to make significant and measurable change.

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