Antonio Pacifico

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Antonio Pacifico brings more than a decade of experience in advancing educational equity in schools. He has a track-record of
achievement in every school he has worked in.

Prior to becoming associate partner of school design at The Opportunity Trust, Antonio served as a principal at schools in Denver and New Orleans. The school he led in New Orleans was the lowest performing school in Louisiana for 30 years when he arrived. By his departure, the school was in the top third of schools in all of Orleans Parish. At his school in Denver, Antonio joined a team that had the most growth ever achieved in all of Colorado, and pushed the school to become the top-ranked school in the Five Points neighborhood. He has also served as an assistant principal and fifth grade ELA teacher.

Antonio holds a B.A. in English and Political Science from the University of Colorado, as well a master’s degree in Instructional School Leadership from RELAY Graduate School.

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