School Improvement Funding

We provide grants to traditional and charter public school systems to foster accelerated improvement and increase access to quality public schools for all students.

This funding is aligned to the five dimensions of high quality schools, including:

  • Child Wellness & Engagement
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning Growth
  • Adult Wellness and Development
  • Family and Community Partnership
  • Effective and Sustainable Operations

If you are a school or district leader seeking support or have a proposal to help build world-class schools that fit within one of our investment priorities, sign up for a follow up with our grants staff.


What to Expect

  • Access to world-class coaching and education experts
  • Free professional development for teachers and leaders
  • A commitment to leveraging “green rated” curriculum, high-quality assessments and data-driven practices
  • Clearly defined goals for improvement
  • Facilities and operational support
  • Beginning, middle, and end of year step back to assess progress

Our school redesign allowed our co-principals to engage in rich, meaningful learning with support from The Opportunity Trust to understand their instruction practice, but also their impact where it matters most, which is in the classroom.

Dr. Sharonica Hardin-Bartley, Superintendent, School District of University City

Grant Cycle Dates

March 1 – May 1, 2024
SIF: TOT and grantee define focus areas and goal
Early Spring
April 1 – June 1, 2024
SIF: Grant proposal submission and review
Late Spring
June 1 – July 31, 2024
SIF: Grant agreements finalized
Early Summer
September 1 – May 1, 2025
SIF: Ongoing data review and adjustments
Fall to Spring
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We believe change is only effective and sustained when led by those who are impacted.
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