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All of us at The Opportunity Trust are devastated by the school shooting today at Central Visual Performing Arts High School. Our deepest condolences go to the loved ones of the student and the teacher who lost their lives, and our thoughts are with those who are injured or suffering. 

The ripple effects of an incident like this are far reaching and will tragically have a lasting impact on  students and staff who were inside the building and many others throughout our community who may now feel less safe at school. 

We are in touch with our colleagues at St. Louis Public Schools, fellows from our programs working at the schools that were impacted, and the network of educational support service providers and parent advocacy organizations to provide any support and resources that may be needed. 

Schools should be safe havens for learning.  As we mourn with the St. Louis community, we will keep students and staff at CVPA in our hearts, and channel our sadness and outrage toward building together the safe and just learning environments that children in our city deserve.  

For those who may be suffering trauma, Behavioral Health Response is offering mental health support free of charge. Text BHEARD to 31658, call 988 or 314-469-6644. Youth can call a specific helpline at 314-819-8802. More options are at