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We believe all children and teachers deserve a safe, supportive, and joyful environment in which to learn and work. Please join us in supporting Prop S to help St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) to deliver on its promise to create environments conducive to learning in every one of our district-run public schools.

The SLPS Board of Education is asking our community to support a no-tax increase bond to raise additional funds to maintain and improve our district public school facilities.  While federal stimulus dollars over the last few years helped to address immediate issues, there is more to do.

Prop S funds will be used to further improve school district safety, security, and infrastructure in support of urgent needs for learning recovery and growth.

Feel free to use this media toolkit to share your support and encourage your colleagues, parents, and others committed to an effective public education system to join in supporting Prop S on August 2nd.


Here’s to ensuring all children in St. Louis are able to attend a quality public school that prepares them to thrive in and shape our community and world –