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To support educators in both planning to implement strategies for learning recovery and taking a moment for self-care, we are hosting Rethinking Intervention + Healing In Action, a free, online event for educators. Attendees will be able to select the breakout sessions that fit best with their interests and needs.

Part 1: Rethinking Intervention & Acceleration
We will be joined by Instruction Partners who recently released a series of videos and resources around what drives and challenges student intervention and how educators can accelerate student learning in various contexts and settings.

Breakout 1: Relationships and Learning
Relationships and learning support each other. This session will delve into how relationships formed within the school community influence student learning and how to leverage relationships to accelerate learning recovery.

Breakout 2: Moving Forward into New Content
Providing students with challenging, engaging school experiences can accelerate them back to grade level. This session will be focused on how to use diagnostic data throughout the school year and provide instruction based on their students’ prerequisite knowledge and skills that is rigorous and engaging.

Part 2: Healing in Action and Educator Wellbeing
After delving deep into strengthening practices, the Education Equity Center of St. Louis will facilitate sessions to support educators in their efforts to elevate self-care and systems of care for educator wellbeing.

Breakout 1: Yoga and Meditation
Slow down. Sink in. Relax. Unwind with us in a restorative session to release stress and rest.

Breakout 2: Discussion of Systems for Wellness and Care
Join other school leaders in a conversation about how to build strong and intentional systems that foster a sense of purpose and belonging within the school and the local community.

This event will provide insights and resources to equip educators for the difficult task of recovering and reinventing learning while also providing space for healing. We hope you can join us!

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