The Opportunity Trust (TOT) is seeking individuals to serve as peer reviewers in connection with its 2024 subgrant competition. TOT was awarded a Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant from the US Department of Education in October 2023 to broaden access to high-quality public charter schools for the very students who need them most. This grant program is designed to increase the number of high-quality public school seats for educationally disadvantaged students in Missouri, to strengthen the caliber of the state’s charter school operation and authorization, and to heighten collaboration and resource sharing between and among schools with different governance structures.

TOT seeks to recruit a diverse Peer Review Working Group whose members possess expertise in charter school operation, governance, authorization, finance, administration, leadership, and law. The role of the Peer Reviewer is to Independently read, score, and provide detailed, objectively, timely, well-written comments supported by the application scoring rubric and relevant laws and regulations. These reviews will be used to recommend application approval or denial and will be shared with applicants. Comments on applications awarded a subgrant will be made available to the public.


Peer Reviewers will:

  • Dedicate approximately 15 to 30 hours to the review process (depending on the number of applications)
  • Review applications from mid-February to mid-May 2024
  • Participate in a synchronous training session before evaluating the applications
  • Read, score, and provide detailed written comments
  • Participate in capacity interviews
  • Reviewers must have the ability to participate in online virtual meetings


Peer Reviewers receive:

  • $100 for participating in the training
  • $500 for each application they are assigned


To be considered as a peer reviewer, please complete the form by January 28, 2024.

Selected reviewers will be notified by February 12th, and the first training session will be held on February 16, 2024.

Sample Application:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Please upload a copy of your resume (3-page maximum)
  • Please upload a one-page statement of interest summarizing your relevant qualifications and explaining why you would like to serve on the OT Peer Review Working Group.
  • I am available to participate in a one to two-hour training session from February 16, 2023. Yes/No
  • I am available to dedicate between 15-30 hours to the subgrant review process in each application cycle. Yes/No

Conflicts of Interest:
Peer reviewers will be required to self-report any conflicts of interest. Peer reviewers shall not participate in any way in actions or decisions that directly or indirectly involve their financial interests or those of their families or business associates. If potential reviewers are directly or indirectly affiliated with a grant applicant through themselves, a family member, or a business interest, the individual will not be allowed to score applications where the conflict of interest exists and the application will be assigned for review by an alternate member of the Peer Review Working Group. If selected as a peer reviewer, individuals must also complete and sign a Post-Review Conflict of Interest Form.

  • Do you have a financial interest in any application that may be submitted in this competition? For instance, will you or your spouse receive a salary from an applicant if the application is funded? Yes/No
  • Have you been offered an opportunity to serve as an employee, consultant, advisor, or contractor under any proposal that may be submitted in this competition? For instance, has an applicant indicated interest in your consulting or other services if the application is funded? Yes/No
  • Does your employer have an interest in the outcome of the competition, even if you will not benefit personally?Yes/No
  • Does your spouse’s employer have an interest in the outcome of the competition? Yes/No
  • Do any of the following persons or organizations have a financial interest in the outcome of the competition? [Check all that apply]
    • Your child. For instance, your son or daughter will receive compensation under a proposed project.
    • A member of your household; for instance, a “significant other” or “spouse equivalent” with whom you live.
    • Any relative with whom you have a close relationship; for instance, a first cousin, parent, or sibling.
    • A business partner
    • A former employer (if you have left employment within the last 12 months)
    • An organization or person with whom you are seeking employment
    • Someone with whom you have an arrangement for employment
    • An organization for which you serve as a director, officer, or trustee
    • An entity for which you serve as an active volunteer or participant
    • A professional associate with whom you are conducting research or other professional activities or have done so within the last 12 months; for instance, your Ph.D. advisor, if you received your degree within the last 12 months
    • A personal relationship, the nature of which might cause a reasonable person with knowledge of the facts to question your impartiality. For instance, your fiancé, a close personal friend, or someone in your field of expertise with whom you are an open ally or antagonist has applied to the competition.
    • None of these apply